If you are looking for a local independent garage to service your vehicle in the Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath area of Mid Sussex, you have come to the right place.

We offer full servicing facilities at Wheelbase for all makes and models of cars and light goods vehicles as well as Trikes.

We will record all the servicing completed on your vehicle in your service record book. This may enhance the resale of your vehicle by demonstrating that you have had it regularly maintained by a quality and professional garage.

We also keep a record of all servicing on our computer system and can therefore advise you up front about what may need doing at your next service.

At the end of each job, our invoice will detail the work we have carried out and any parts used on your vehicle.

We will endeavour to complete the work on your vehicle on time; if this is not possible, we will make every effort to contact you in good time.

Do I have to get my car serviced by a main dealer?

It’s a little know fact that you DON’T have to have your car serviced by the main dealer!

  • You are not obliged (since October 2003) to get the car serviced by a franchises dealer during the warranty period.
  • You must, however, get it serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule and criteria, using only manufacturer approved parts.
  • The legislation only applies to the part of the warranty offered by the manufacturer, i.e. insurance-backed extended warranties offered by dealers are not covered and may stipulate different conditions.
  • If you do get the car serviced outside the dealer network you must make sure it’s done to the maker’s recommended schedule and criteria using approved parts. You must also keep records so you can demonstrate to the manufacturer that servicing was undertaken to their requirements.
  • You should still have warranty work undertaken by the franchised dealer as it is easier for them to deal directly with the manufacturer.

(Source – The AA)

Why Have Your Car or Van Serviced?

  • An MOT Test is not the same as a service.
    A regular service is needed to maintain the car and repair and replace worn vehicle components, oils and fluids. The MOT is a periodic technical inspection for safety to check the exterior and general function of your vehicle to ensure it is safe and not a hazard to other road users.
  • Your warranty may depend on it.
    You will need to service your vehicle at the recommended intervals if you have an extended warranty or a manufacturers warranty to keep it valid and up to date.
  • It will save you money.
    By servicing your vehicle at the recommended intervals you can obviate unnecessary repair bills later on down the line, saving you money by preventing excess wear to the engine and other moving components.
  • Less likely to suffer an unexpected breakdown.
    A service report will alert you to any immediate issues and will help you budget for maintenance required in the future.

A properly maintained vehicle is not just more fuel efficient, but will be safer and more reliable.